Somepersona and 2012 Miss Finland Sara Chafak, 30, says on Instagram that she has lost her driving license.

He opens up about it in his recent Instagram story, which is viewable for a day after its publication.

Chafak states that he wanted to tell his followers about it himself before it ends up in the newspaper columns.

- I would like to quickly talk about a little more serious thing that happened yesterday, woman start.

- I drove my driver's license to the shelf yesterday.

In the Satanen area, I weighed going 57 miles at speed, he continues.

The former mission describes its drastic overspeed as the sum of many unfortunate things.

At the wheel of the car, he was in his own worlds and listening to music at a loud volume.

As Chafak set out to overtake the vehicle in front along the empty left lane, driving speed increased unnoticed.

The woman also says she remembered that a higher speed limit would have been in place in that area.

- I remembered that (restriction) was first 120.

However, Chafak says in retrospect he is pleased that the authorities intervened in his dangerous traffic behavior.

- Security has been compromised.

–– Such an act can never be justified.

Violation of speed limits is a violation of the law, and the consequences of this are then borne responsibly.

After this, Chafak finds that a small or possibly even slightly longer driving break will do him good.

He reminds that when driving, you must always remember to pay attention to both the environment and your own gas foot.

Finally, Chafak states that he is happy that the situation was resolved without major damage.

- Fortunately, however, no personal injury or anything like that has occurred.

It is the most important.

Sara Chafak is dating reality TV star Jeffrey Lawman.

Photo: Joonas Salo

Sara Chafak last lost her driver’s license late last year when she forgot to return “a few certificates” to Trafi.

The woman reported the matter in October on her own Instagram account.

- I got a birthday present from Trafi.

Heippa driving license for a moment, he wrote at the time and said at least for now he uses public transport.

Chafak came to the attention of the general public in 2012 when she was elected Miss Finland.

Since then, he has starred in several television shows, including Survivors and Farm.

Last year, Chafak also participated in the first production season of the Masked Singer Finland singing competition.

She has also created a career as a social media influencer, and the woman has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram.

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