On the west side of Kullabergs nature reserve, there is a designated tent site with eight places where you can spend the night.

But not everyone follows this.

- In the morning we find many tents around the tent site but also in other places.

During the summer, it happens almost every day, says Jimena Castillo, project coordinator in nature and the environment at Kullabergs nature reserve.

Different excuses

As Kullaberg is a nature reserve, the right of public access is limited and camping outside the designated place violates the Environmental Code.

- We talk to them and ask them to remove the tents.

Some say they did not know it was illegal or that it was full on the tent site and they came at night and not customers continue their hike, says Jimena Castillo.

There are other options

Jimena Castollo says there are other alternatives to accommodation.

- We have wind protection in some car parks that you can use and otherwise there are other campsites near Kullaberg, she says.

Even in Stenshuvud National Park, there are problems with people camping tents illegally.

In the video below, you can accompany Fredrik Ståhlberg on a morning hunt for illegal tents in Stenshuvud National Park.

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In the video, you get to hang out with the national park manager in search of illegal overnight stays.

Photo: Erika Dahlin Jönsson / SVT