The Atlanta, Georgia shooter who killed eight people, including four Koreans, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole by a court in Cherokee County, Georgia.

According to the Associated Press, gunman Robert Aaron Long pleaded guilty to the murders of four people in a court in Cherokee County, Georgia, on the 27th local time.

This is the result of an agreement with the prosecution to lower the sentence to life in prison instead of pleading guilty.

On March 16, Long shot and killed eight people at two Fulton County spas in Atlanta and a massage parlor in Cherokee County.

The sentence was delivered on that day in Cherokee County, where two women of Asian descent and four people including a white man and woman were shot dead.

After the incident, there were criticisms that hatred toward Asian women was the motive for the crime, but the Cherokee County prosecutor did not apply the hate crime charge.

Going forward, Long will face a separate trial in Fulton County, Georgia, in the case that killed four Koreans.

Fulton County Attorney's Office has announced that Long will be charged with hate crimes and will seek the death penalty. 

(Photo = AP, Yonhap News)