July 27, 2021He was among the protagonists of Italian pop music of the '70s, singing love in songs like How beautiful she is, Love is a dove, I never want to fall in love, In my way, In the bottom of the soul. Gianni Nazzaro died this evening at the age of 72 in Rome, at the Gemelli Hospital, where he was hospitalized for a serious illness. He died shortly after 7 pm, assisted by his companion Nada Ovcina and the hospital chaplain.   

Born in Naples on 27 October 1948, Nazzaro made his debut in the entertainment world in 1965 under the pseudonym of Buddy, imitating artists on the crest of the wave such as Bobby Solo, Adriano Celentano, Gianni Morandi. In 1967 he appeared at the Naples festival with Sulo ppe mme and ppe te, the following year he was at Un disk for the summer with the song Solo noi.       

In 1970 the success at the Naples Festival arrives with Me Chiamme Ammore, paired with Peppino Di Capri. The following year Nazzaro participates in Canzonissima with Far l'amor con te and Miracle of love, in 1972 he dominates A disc for the summer with How beautiful she is, which will remain among his greatest hits. In 1974 he is still on the shields at Un disk for the summer, with This yes that is love.   

Among his hits from the '70s, brought to the Sanremo stage, Love is a dove, Serene white crystals, I never want to fall in love, In my own way, but also In the depths of my soul. He will return to the Ariston in 1983 with the song I fell in love with my wife. In 1987 he will try to return to the festival with Perdere Amore, a song that does not pass the selections but that the following year will be brought to victory by Massimo Ranieri: an episode that will mark Nazzaro's career, fueling rumors about a rivalry between two artists. However, he will return to the festival in 1994, with Squadra Italia, to present An old Italian song.   

Nazzaro was also an actor, in the 70s musical films Ma che musica, Maestro and Come to be a soldier with us and more recently in the soaps Un posto al sole and Incantesimo. He was in the cast of Tale e what show, hosted by Carlo Conti on Rai1, 2014 edition, winning an episode with "Perdere d'amore".   

In recent years he has acted in the musicals Hello Dolly (with Loretta Goggi and Paolo Ferrari) and Victor Victoria (with Matilde Brandi and Paolo Ferrari).   

In 2016 he was involved with Ovcina in a serious road accident in France: he lost a kidney and risked being paralyzed.