In China, a city near the Gobi Desert, the city of Dunhuang, experienced an impressive event: a wave of sand engulfed the city, blinding passers-by and causing pilots.

A common occurrence in the region, but rather rare at this time of year. 

A huge wave of sand about a hundred meters high that envelops parks, homes and buildings: a city in China near the Gobi desert in the northwest has experienced a scene worthy of a disaster movie.

Known for its rich history, the city of Dunhuang, located along the ancient Silk Road in Gansu province, was engulfed Sunday by an impressive ocher-brown cloud.

"I couldn't see the sun anymore"

A resident told local media

Jimu News

that the sandstorm came suddenly and blanketed the city in just five or six minutes.

"I could no longer see the sun," he said, pointing out that Dunhuang had not experienced such a phenomenon for several years.

"At first I was surrounded by yellow dust from the sandstorm, and then it turned red and then finally black."

Mhmm… after the flood and tornado, there was dust storm in Dunhuang, northwestern China.

Speaking of, it's been days, where's # CCP's general Secretary Xi?

Still hiding away from the disaster?

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Dunhuang is known for the Mogao Caves, a set of Buddhist chapels and frescoes, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sandstorms are common in the region in the spring, but rarer in the summer, according to the

China News Service

news agency