China News Service, July 27. According to the Russian Satellite Network, on July 27, local time, a violent explosion occurred in a chemical industry park in Leverkusen, Germany. A large amount of smoke rose from the scene, causing serious injuries to 2 people and 5 people. Missing.

  According to reports, at about 9:40 in the morning, an explosion occurred in a factory in a chemical park in Leverkusen.

Currenta, the operator of the park, said that several workers were injured in the explosion, at least two were seriously injured and they are undergoing medical treatment, while five others are missing.

  According to reports, when the explosion occurred, a thick black smoke rose above the city, local residents were asked to close doors and windows, and some roads were blocked.

  At present, the cause of the explosion is unclear, and the police and fire departments are taking action.

Local media reported that the factory where the explosion occurred belonged to the German pharmaceutical and agrochemical giant Bayer.