In the headlines: death of Haitian drummer Herman Nau, ambassador of the compass

The Haitian music group Tabou Combo.

On the far right is Herman Nau.

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Tributes are increasing on social networks.

The famous Haitian musician Herman Nau, co-founder of the group Tabou Combo, died Sunday in New York.

He suffered a stroke on July 11.

Our colleagues from

the first

back on the career of this " 

child of Les Cayes

 ," which " 


lmost young expressed his love for art, drawing."

From the start,

"he is in contact with music with his big brother who plays the accordion 

". Herman Nau knows success with Tabou Combo, created in Pétion-Ville, described as the “musical melting pot of Haiti”, but whose fame quickly exceeds the Haitian borders.

In Panama, for example, " 

the group had imposed its rhythm

 ", writes the media


, with popular titles like

Panamá Querida


Dame La Plata





Ministry of Culture and Communication

pays tribute this Monday to " 

a creator of joy, a forger of fates, a talented artist


He notes that Herman Nau left on the eve of the Compass' 66th anniversary celebration.

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Back to the news of the weekend in Haiti

The Haitian media returned this weekend to the violence and looting that occurred on the sidelines of the funeral of President Jovenel Moïse in Cap-Haitien.

Le Nouvelliste

says that Quartier-Morin, near the funeral site, was " 

in eruption

 " on Friday. Many journalists have been taken to task, especially those suspected of being from Port-au-Prince or foreigners. At least one photojournalist was physically assaulted.

“For long hours, until nightfall, the concert of automatic weapons did not cease,

 ” and Valerio Canez's department store was looted.

“Like piranhas

 ”, writes

Le Nouvelliste



dozens and dozens of residents, on motorcycles, with wheelbarrows carried household appliances, televisions, solar panels on their heads

 ”. The losses are estimated by the manager of the store at more than 2 billion US dollars.

Saturday, it is in the South department, in Chantal, native town of Antoinette Duclaire, that the funeral of the feminist activist was held. The one her friends call " 


 " was

shot dead

by armed men riding motorcycles on the night of June 29-30. At least 15 other people lost their lives that night, including her friend, journalist Diego Charles. " 

Justice has not (yet) pronounced on these assassinations

 ", underlines

Le Nouvelliste


Loop Haiti

returns for its part on the positive news of the weekend.

In Tokyo, swimmer Émilie Faith Grand-Pierre set a new record.

The young woman arrived on Sunday in first place in Series 1 of the 100-meter breaststroke, completing her race in just 1 minute 14 seconds and 82 hundredths


Unfortunately, despite this feat (...) the young woman will not see the second round of the tournament (...) overtaken by other competitors from other series


Duel of prosecutors in Guatemala

On Saturday, the most famous anti-corruption investigator, Juan Francisco Sandoval, fled the country after being sacked by Attorney General Maria Consuelo Porras. He was carrying out several investigations targeting President Giammattei's party. On Sunday, on the TN23 channel, the Attorney General justified her decision to dismiss him. His words are repeated on the front page of all the Guatemalan press. 

Prensa Libre

writes that according to Maria Consuelo Porras, the former prosecutor Juan Francisco Sandoval exercised " 

selective justice

 " and that he favored some people to the detriment of others.

The latter also spoke in the local media, explains

La Hora


He considers his dismissal " 


 " and accuses the Attorney General of having links with sectors that generate impunity. Asked by Paula Estanol, of the Spanish editorial staff of RFI, he said he was convinced that we were trying to silence him. A cartoon published by 

Prensa Libre

shows the public prosecutor running with the Olympic flame and lighting a pyre on which is the allegory of justice and Juan Francisco Sandoval.

El Periodico

notes that Washington has supported the anti-corruption prosecutor. On


, the US Secretary of State affirms that this dismissal " 

undermines the rule of law and reinforces impunity

 ". According to Antony Blinken,

“the Guatemalans deserve better

 ”. As for the medical profession, it organized a sit-in in front of the public prosecutor on Sunday. " 

With torches, posters and candles,

 " caregivers demanded the resignation of the attorney general, writes

La Hora

. They argue that due to corruption in public institutions, it is not possible to obtain the necessary equipment to properly care for their patients.


the United States: a fire that generates its own weather

A word, in conclusion, about these fires which continue in the western United States.

If they calm down in Oregon, they continue to rage in California.

The largest, Dixie Fire, is only 20% content.

Charred cars, drowned in yellow smoke appear in the

Wall Street Journal


The Dixie Fire mobilizes more than 5,000 firefighters, recalls



This fire is so big that it generates its own climate.

Like the fires in British Columbia, Canada, in recent days it has created clouds called pyrocumulus clouds that cause lightning and high winds and in turn fuel this blaze.

In all, more than 86 fires ravaging the United States today. 

ABC News

points out that " 

more than 3 million people are under heat and fire alerts 

" and that several states have also " 

issued air quality alerts



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