In "La France bouge", Elisabeth Assayag and Emmanuel Duteil tour France with positive and innovative initiatives.

Monday July 19, they received Ludivine Romary, co-founder of My Eli, an anti-aggression connected jewel.

With a single click, it allows you to send your GPS position to your loved ones.


It is not a bracelet like the others.

It alerts, protects and secures the person wearing it and is potentially in danger.

At the origin of this little connected anti-aggression jewel, Ludivine Romary, 26 years old.

She is the co-founder of My Eli and was the guest of Elisabeth Assayag and Emmanuel Duteil in

La France bouge, 

Monday July 19, to talk about this project imagined during her studies. 

Audible alarm and recording

"Concretely, it is a daily security solution. It accompanies us in all our movements, whether in public transport, in the context of street harassment, but also domestic violence," she said. Explain.

"When we are in a situation of aggression, we click on the jewel, which sends our GPS position via an SMS and an emergency call to our emergency contacts, previously programmed in the mobile application." 

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My Eli is in fact connected via Bluetooth with smartphones, which enables two options to be triggered.

"We can launch an audible alarm to repel the aggression and also an audio recording to capture the situation," continued the co-creator of the bracelet.

It is then possible to reassure those close to them by telling them that we have arrived safely, with a simple double click. 

Bracelets for children and men

These anti-aggression bracelets will be marketed in November and are currently available for pre-order at prices of 85 or 90 euros depending on the model. And to help their development, My Eli recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to create new ones for children and men, but also to allow technological progress. “The long-term goal is to create something completely independent that will no longer work with the telephone,” continued Ludivine Romary.

My Eli also wants to be available for sale in different types of stores. "This solution is also aimed at women victims of violence and perhaps we have more possibilities to go and buy such a jewel for his safety in a pharmacy or in a supermarket."