<Anchor> The

first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics came in archery.

In the new mixed team event, the youngest players of the national team, 17-year-old Kim Je-deok and 20-year-old Ansan player, did it.

First news, this is reporter Park Chan-beom.

<Reporter> Although the

sea ​​breeze of more than 2 meters per second was whimsical, Ansan and Kim Je-deok were not shaken.

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17-year-old Kim Je-deok raised momentum with a strong spirit, and 20-year-old Ansan aimed at the center of the target with a cool expression.

The two players, who never allowed a lead until the semi-finals, got off to a shaky start, giving away the first set in the final against the Netherlands.

I wasn't agitated.

In the second set, Ansan's last arrow hit 10 points to balance it out, and after winning up to the third set, he reversed it.

The 4th set was a drama.

At the tense moment when the Netherlands pressed 10 points for three consecutive times and had to shoot more than 9 points with their last foot, Ansan calmly scored the last arrow at 9 points to secure the victory.

This is South Korea's first gold medal in this competition.

There was no crowd to cheer, but the two players smiled brightly as they waved the Taegeukgi.

[Ansan/National Archery Team: I am so honored and happy. It was a meaningful time because I really enjoyed working with Kim Je-duk.]

[Kim Je-duk/Archer National Team: Actually, I had a little dream yesterday. It wasn't a good dream of a pig or a dragon, but first I had a dream of a snake, but there were several snakes. In order to win medals, you have to think, 'This is good energy' and say, 'You have to work hard first.] According to the

quarantine rules, the two athletes picked up the gold medals and hung them around each other's necks, and the national anthem was sung in the Tokyo sky for the first time in this tournament. rang out.

The national team took the gold medal in the mixed team event, taking one step closer to achieving the gold medal in all archery events.

(Video coverage: Ha Ryung, Video editing: Kim Jin-won)