25 July 2021 Fire continues to devour hectares of Mediterranean scrub in the Oristano area. A devastating fire since yesterday morning is burning the countryside between Bonarcado and Santu Lussurgiu in the Oristano area. Due to the high temperatures - with peaks of over 40 degrees - the flames spread quickly, a blanket of smoke made the air unbreathable. . Numerous dangerous situations, the mayor of Santulussurgiu, at 5 pm, decided to evacuate several houses on the front closest to the fire, 60 people in total who left their homes. The fire front widened due to the strong wind and even in Cuglieri and Sennariolo the situation became serious, with people who had to leave the house and took refuge in the former seminary. The fire reached the sea, in S'Archittu.

The immense fire was fought with a massive deployment of forces by land and with five Canadair, 4 helicopters and the Superpuma helicopter. But despite this it was not possible to stop the rush of flames. Another 6 Canadair will arrive this morning.