In Darmstadt, a newborn baby was abandoned on the premises of a hospital.

The unclothed little boy lay with a pacifier in his mouth and wrapped in a children's towel in a wicker basket that was covered with a children's quilt, the police and prosecutor said on Sunday.

A patient heard the baby screaming at around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning and then found it - in the area of ​​the medical on-call service.

The severely hypothermic child was taken to a children's clinic.

He's doing better now.

The investigators assume that the baby was abandoned a few hours after birth.

The police did not initially have any evidence of the mother.

She asks the population for information.


On Saturday, the police ended an argument between two men with gunfire.

Now more details about the course of events are known.

After a knife attack in Frankfurt, the police shot and injured a twenty-seven-year-old man.

The arrested person was taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds and there is currently no acute danger to life, said a police spokesman on Sunday.

The suspect should now be brought before a judge.

The homicide squad has started the investigation and initiated criminal proceedings for attempted manslaughter.

The background to the fact is still unclear.

According to investigators, the twenty-seven-year-old Somali had entered a multi-story building on Saturday and visited a sixty-five-year-old.

He attacked it with two knives.

The victim fought back with pepper spray.

The man with the knives had left the building and the 65-year-old man was chasing him.

Witnesses alerted a police patrol who asked the twenty-seven-year-old to drop the knife. The officer called out "I kill you" and then ran up to the sixty-five-year-old who had followed him. The sixty-five year old backed away, fell and was slightly injured in the process. Immediately before the twenty-seven-year-old reached him, the officers shot and stopped the man with the knives.