Large parts of the country may suffer from water shortages in the coming month, warns SMHI.

But already now there is a shortage in several places.

For residents and the many tourists who are in Kivik in southeastern Skåne, the rescue is tankers that drive water from the waterworks in Simrishamn, as the pumps in Kivik are not able to fill the town's reservoirs.

- It is worse compared to previous summers due to the fact that there are many more summer guests here than usual, as fewer go abroad this year, says Johan Nyholm, head of department for operation and maintenance at the municipal company Österlen VA in Simrishamn.

"Critical but under control"

Österlens VA has warned that it will be necessary to reduce the water pressure in the urban area and areas to the north, but thanks to the water transports, the pressure in the pipes can be maintained.

- But there is still a ban on irrigation and to only use water for household purposes, says Johan Nyholm.

More trucks are deployed

Two tankers with space for 33 cubic meters (33,000 liters) of water each now run regular trips between the waterworks in Simrishamn and the reservoir in Kivik.

From Monday, more trucks will start driving to other reservoirs in the municipality.

- The situation is critical but under control, says Johan Nyholm.

This week, SMHI has warned of low flows in large and medium-sized watercourses in Blekinge, Jönköping and Kalmar counties, reports TT.

At the same time, you see low levels of groundwater in the smaller reservoirs in Götaland, Värmland and the southern parts of the Norrland coast.

Tip: Wash and wash in the evening

In 34 municipalities, there is currently a ban on irrigation, which usually means a ban on, for example, not watering gardens and filling pools with municipal water.

But there are more ways to manage the water, says Fredrik Vinthagen, communications strategist at the industry organization Swedish Water.

- Sustainable water use can be spreading the water use around the clock, starting a washing machine and dishwasher in the evening, but also simple things like turning off the tap when we brush our teeth or soap ourselves in the shower can have great effects if many do it at the same time, says Fredrik Vinthagen to SVT.