Kim Kyung-soo, the former governor of Gyeongnam, who was imprisoned the next day (26th) after being convicted by the Supreme Court on charges of conspiring to manipulate 'Drooking comments', said to former Democratic Party leader Lee Nak-yeon, "Please take care of the president."

Former Governor Kim said this after receiving a phone call from former representative Lee, who had visited Changwon, Gyeongnam, said Rep. Choi In-ho, who is in charge of Lee Nak-yeon's Camp Situation Headquarters.

The call between the two took place at the place where former CEO Lee visited the Gyeongnam Provincial Office.

Former Governor Kim said, "I have to help, but I'm sorry for worrying you." In response, former CEO Lee said, "If we overcome this current difficulty well, people's trust will increase."

Then, it was reported that former Governor Kim replied, "I'm not good at holding on."

At the same time, former Governor Kim conveyed to former President Lee his wish to take good care of President Moon, and Lee said, "I will take good care of the President no matter what happens." "Take care of the things that Governor Kim has been promoting and wanting to do. I will," he said.

Rep. Choi said, "Ex-Governor Kim, who will soon become a body of English, worried about the president before himself." "In this way, Kim Kyung-soo, Lee Nak-yeon, President Moon, and party members became one."

Former Governor Kim is imprisoned in Changwon Prison the day after day on charges of conspiracy to manipulate comments by Drooking.

(Photo = Yonhap News)