Psychopathy refers to a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, poor empathy, remorse, selfishness, and unrestrained behaviors that do not conform to the general features of society in order to attract attention in various ways.

These traits vary from person to person, but they also differ in men from women, so how does a psychopathic woman affect your life?

In her article on Psychologytoday, author Winifred Rolle, a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Mental Disorders, says that psychopathic women strive to lead and command attention on all occasions.

According to Roll;

Many psychopaths seek to destroy others as much as they can.

Psychopaths may undermine your self-esteem by using innuendo, or bully you and turn friends and family against you by poisoning your reputation behind your back.

And there is no limit to what you can do to ruin your life.

And many of the psychopaths of women are liars, smarter and manipulative than the psychopaths of men.

Psychopathic women desire to be the center of attention and demand the lead, and often play the role of the victim in her speech to gain the sympathy of others, and she feels victorious if she succeeds in this task until her tears turn into loud laughter.

This is a task that you do smoothly, and you use it in many situations, you are not the first victim of it, so you can control the performance of that role easily, and others may be surprised by the ability of a psychopathic woman to transform.

Psychopathic women are unable to feel love even towards those closest to them (social networking sites)

theater lady

No one dares challenge a psychopathic woman, says Rolle, who wrote the book Born to Destroy.

This can lead to a disastrous reaction on her part, if you resist her plan or show that you have exposed her tricks, she will use more violent methods against you, without foreseeing the consequences.

Psychopaths are often known as stage performers, and their performances can be persuasive enough to convince an audience to believe their version of the story, even after listening to the other side.

She may use any means necessary to get what she wants and will use any tool she can, including seduction or crying for sympathy.

Constant sense of entitlement

Psychopathic women do not give complete devotion to anyone, they usually feel entitled to everything, while they do not see that they have to give in return for the happiness of others.

She may intentionally steal or damage something valuable, and if she is held accountable, she fabricates lies, blames others, and may identify a particular person to focus on the reasons for accusation so that her story seems confusing and logical, she distorts all stories in her favor and blames you for what you are doing.

driven by envy

At a time when the psychopathic personality feels entitlement, it desires the demise of blessings from others, they do not deserve that advantage, and considers that others do not deserve to win life advantages such as money, friends, children, work and fame, and believes that she alone deserves that.

While the psychopathy feels entitlement, it desires the blessings of others to be removed (social networking sites)

Beware of secrets

The female psychopath is trying to get any information about your life to use as a means of destruction later.

You may be very adept at dealing with people.

It will measure your size and personality at some point, while still trying to get to know it.

inability to love

This character is unable to feel love, even towards those closest to her;

Therefore, it will not be strange when you find her not sympathetic to the pain of her children, and she may pretend to care for them sometimes, but she does not feel regret for her shortcomings with them or even find solutions to the problems that hurt them.

It succeeds in any human relationship without feeling remorse.

Psychopaths (both male and female) show lower activity in the amygdala, the part of our brain that controls and processes emotions, compared to non-psychopaths.

This explains why psychopaths are not affected by the suffering of others;

Their lack of empathy runs deep within their neural structure.

Psychopathy is a disease of the emotional circuit of the brain, especially the part that deals with personal feelings.

If you can't convince the psychopath in your life to change, run from his life (Pixabay)

silent narcissism

All psychopaths have a high degree of narcissism.

This means that they see themselves as superior to those around them, but how is this narcissism expressed?

This is different for men and women, as male narcissists tend to flaunt their accomplishments and superiority, and they have no problem telling you to your face that they are better than you.

While female psychopaths tend to be secretive about their narcissistic tendencies.

They smile and praise you face to face, but they think they're better than you behind your back.

run away

If you can't convince the psychopaths in your life to change, what can you do? says Melissa Berkeley, Ph.D. in psychology from the University of North Carolina.

Unfortunately, often the only way to beat a psychopath at his game is to refuse to play.

Do not engage in his frivolous gossip. Don't take the bait when they push the buttons. Stand your ground and don't let them scare you, and if all else fails, do what the victims do in all those serial killer movies; run away