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soldiers of the Cheonghae Unit, who returned early due to the corona virus, reported the situation at the time through a non-face-to-face interview.

It was also revealed that the Navy did not supply the Munmu the Great even after purchasing an antigen test kit with high accuracy, and President Moon Jae-in personally apologized today (23rd).

This is Kim Tae-hoon, a defense reporter specializing in defense.

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2nd, right after the Cheonghae Unit's Munmu the Great made a call to a specific port in Africa, the first symptom of a cold emerged from the ship.

Officer A said that even at this time, it was considered a simple cold.

However, the number of symptoms of colds and pneumonia surged, and there were also soldiers whose fever rose to 39.5 degrees.

It is said that the medical staff release quarantine for soldiers whose body temperature returns to normal after about three days, and the cooks who showed symptoms are also reported to be put back to work when they improve.

It seems that the infection has spread further due to this poor response that does not suspect COVID-19.

The patients endured with sap, Tylenol, and intramuscular injection, and in particular, the staff in the kitchen were not in good condition, so they had to fill their meals with combat food for two days.

The fact that all of the results of the simple antibody test kit performed after the number of patients increased by nearly 100 came out negative also made it difficult to deal with the situation early.

However, as a result of the naval investigation, it was revealed that the order to use an antigen test kit capable of early diagnosis instead of an antibody test kit with low accuracy was issued to the Navy at the end of last year, but it was not supplied to the Munmu the Great.

President Moon Jae-in, who criticized the military for easy handling three days ago, apologized today.

President Moon said on his SNS, "The Cheonghae Unit is an honorable unit that protected the safety and lives of the people," and he apologized, saying, "I did not look closely."

(Video editing: Choi Hye-young, CG: Kim Ye-in)