China News Service, July 23. According to report, in less than 24 hours after Brisbane was confirmed as the host city of the 2032 Olympic Games, representatives of the Australian Federal Government met with representatives of the State of Queensland on the 22nd and began to form two statutory bodies. Responsible for hosting the Olympic Games and other related affairs.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison (Scott Morrison) emphasized that the federal government will provide half of the funding support in decision-making and infrastructure spending.

On July 21, local time, the 138th Plenary Session of the International Olympic Committee continued to be held in Tokyo. After voting, the only candidate city, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia, won the right to host the 2032 Summer Olympics.

This will be the first time Australia will host the Summer Olympics in 32 years after the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The picture shows the President of the International Olympic Committee Bach and the Australian Olympic Committee held a press conference on this.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

  One of Australia’s current priorities is to find a chairperson for the Olympic Organizing Committee, and representatives from all levels of government, athletes, Olympic Committee members and independent directors will fill the Olympic Organizing Committee positions.

At the first press conference after Brisbane’s successful bid for the Olympics, Morrison said, “Now there is a lot of work to be done”, he said: “I emphasize that our arrangement with the Queensland Government is not a one-to-one funding partnership. , But a one-to-one partnership. This means decisions, planning, site coverage, procurement, contracts, appointments-whether for the organizing committee or the establishment of a coordinating body-all of which are common work. What we provide We are 100% partners, working side by side, making decisions together, planning together, contracting and purchasing together. From now to the 2032 Olympics, we will work together to achieve this goal."

  In terms of investment, the cost of the Brisbane Olympics is expected to reach at least 5 billion yuan (AUD, the same below).

In this regard, Morrison said that the investment in the Olympic Games will be rewarded in major economic activities and international tourist spending, which is expected to reach 18 billion yuan.

He said: "This will have a huge boost to Australia's economy. Those of us from Sydney understand how important this was to Sydney 18 years ago."

  It is reported that Morrison’s Olympic envoy, Fairfax Congressman Ted O’Brien, has met with representatives of the Queensland State Government to start this process. Federal, state and local governments have immediately shifted their focus to Planning.

He said: "We are working on it, from now on."