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ruling and opposition parties held last-minute negotiations today (23rd), the deadline for the second supplementary budget bill. We agreed to give 250,000 won per person, excluding high-income earners, for the disaster aid, but a reporter from the National Assembly is connected.

Reporter Min-woo Kang, please tell us in detail about the outcome of the supplementary budget negotiations.


Ho-joong Yun of the Democratic Party and Ki-hyeon Kim, floor leader of the People's Power, have been negotiating last minute since 6:30 pm.

However, regarding the supplementary budget bill, the results of the negotiations between the ruling and opposition parties were announced first, so let's hear it first.

[Kim, Sung - Won / Assembly power secretary yegyeolwi citizens: By adding support for one-person households and dual-income households to the public a total of 87.8% (disaster assistance) is the ability to support -

so be ex minus income earners 12% 88% of the people finally agreed to provide a disaster aid of 250,000 won per person.

Initially, the government was giving 80% of the proposal. In this case, there was a problem that a large number of single-person households and dual-income households were not included.

So we relaxed the income standard and added 8%.

The ruling and opposition parties also decided to increase the hope recovery fund for small business owners from the existing maximum of 9 million won to a maximum of 20 million won.

In the end, the ruling and opposition parties backed down one step at a time from the argument of a supplementary budget without support for the entire nation or a net increase.

As a result, the 2nd supplementary budget increased by 1.9 trillion won from 34.9 trillion won.


What happened to the allocation of standing chairpersons?

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the case of reassignment of the standing chairperson, the opposition party has been discussing that the chairperson of the Judiciary will take over, but the opposition and opposition parties still have disagreements over the issue of reducing the authority of the chairperson of the Judiciary, so no conclusion can be reached.

The National Assembly plenary session will be held from 10 pm tonight, and it is expected that the supplementary budget bill agreed upon by the ruling and opposition parties a while ago will be passed around the dawn of tomorrow after hastily passed through the preliminaries.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, Kim Heung-gi, video editing: Yu Mira, on-site moderator: Compilation-hyung)