China News Service, July 22. According to a report by USA Today, in order to allow the athletes of the U.S. Olympic delegation to better participate in the competition, the team responsible for food and nutrition set up a catering near the Ozo Sports Park in Setagaya District, Tokyo The support center not only transported about 32 tons of food and beverages from the United States, but also purchased thousands of kilograms of food materials in Japan.

The streets of Tokyo are full of Olympic atmosphere. The picture shows the Olympic Plaza at Tokyo Railway Station. People walk past the painting "Olympic Power" by former British Olympic javelin athlete Roald Bradstock.

  The U.S. Olympic Food and Nutrition Service Team will provide a total of 7,000 meals for the U.S. Olympic personnel.

Before the opening of the Olympic Games, the team transported about 32 tons of food and beverages from Colorado, the US Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, including products from US Olympic sponsors such as Coca-Cola.

  In addition to the ingredients that were shipped by air from the United States, the United States also prepared the necessary ingredients for meals from 7 local suppliers in Japan, and ordered about 907 kg of various protein ingredients from American companies in Japan. The fishery dealer bought about 158 ​​kg of salmon.

  Knudsen, the head of the US Olympic Food and Nutrition Services team, said that their goal is to reproduce dishes familiar to athletes and, if possible, to inject Japanese flavors into the cuisine.