In an interview with the Petersburg Diary website, she said that although there are no cardinal changes in the clinical course of the disease, the virus has now become more aggressive.

“Now my colleagues and I notice that the virus has begun to more strongly affect the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

Patients often have severe anxiety, mental status suffers.

The disease began to develop at times more rapidly.

For example, today, lung damage may be 10%, and tomorrow it will be 90%, "Surovtseva clarified.

Also, the doctor noted in a number of dangerous symptoms high fever, respiratory failure, chills, weakness, headache, apathy.

“You need to call a doctor right away - the infection is developing too rapidly, it is important not to waste time, and the disease is different for everyone,” she summed up.

Earlier, reported that over the past day, new cases of coronavirus infection were registered in all regions of Russia.