China News Service, Shanghai, July 22 (Reporter Li Shuzheng) Shanghai officials held a press conference on the 22nd to introduce the details of Shanghai's implementation of the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting the High-Level Reform and Opening up of Pudong New Area to Build a Leading Area for Socialist Modernization" Measures related to the situation.

  Focusing on the question of "creating a'leading zone', how does Pudong do it?", Shanghai Pudong New Area District Mayor Hang Yingwei said on the spot that Pudong will focus on the "four majors":

  First, do a good job in a number of major reform and opening up tasks.

  "Pudong will focus on a series of new reform and opening tasks assigned by the central government to Pudong, and work with relevant municipal departments to study and formulate reform plans, clarify reform paths, and strive to implement these reform tasks as early as possible." Hang Yingwei gave examples, such as "One industry, one industry, one industry. Certificate” reform.

On the basis of the implementation of all 31 industries, Pudong's "independent reform" measures such as the notification of commitments have been further deepened.

At the same time, efforts are being made to open up the joint application path of "business license" and "industry business license", and merge the business license and "one industry, one license" to achieve "one window" one-time submission of applications and materials, and one-time business registration and operation Relevant matters will further facilitate enterprise access and operation.

  Second, do a good job of a batch of major support policies.

  "The central government has given Pudong a number of high-gold policies in taxation, finance, and talent. Pudong will cooperate with the national and municipal departments to study and formulate implementation rules and supporting plans, accelerate implementation, and allow the market and enterprises to enjoy policy dividends as soon as possible. "Hang Yingwei said, for example, in terms of talent policy, the focus is on "talent introduction" and "talent entrepreneurship" and other aspects to strengthen system integration.

  "Currently, we are studying and formulating a number of key measures, and will launch a number of innovative measures in terms of implementing the new permanent residence recommendation mechanism, gradually liberalizing the restrictions on the employment of foreign talents in professional fields, and strengthening the function of the international talent port." Hang Yingwei said.

  Third, grasp a number of major functional platforms.

  Pudong will strive to start the construction and operation of a batch of high-energy functional platforms as soon as possible.

According to Hang Yingwei, the focus of scientific innovation is to promote the establishment and operation of high-level research institutions such as the Li Zhengdao Institute and the Zhangjiang Institute for Advanced Study of Jiaotong University, and accelerate the construction of a number of scientific and technological innovation bases such as the Yangtze River Delta National Technology Innovation Center and the Shanghai Clinical Research Center.

Financially, the focus is to promote important projects such as the international financial asset trading platform, the national commodity warehouse receipt registration center, and the private equity and venture capital equity share transfer platform.

In terms of data, the focus is to actively promote the establishment of data exchanges and explore the establishment of a new type of big data comprehensive transaction mechanism that is classified and layered.

  Fourth, do a good job in a number of major engineering projects.

The focus is to increase investment in quality urban areas, green urban areas, smart urban areas, etc., to continuously enhance the soft power of the city, and better implement the important concept of the people's city.

  Officials stated that in terms of regional development, Pudong will promote the construction of key areas such as the City of Science, Golden Central Ring, Wucai Riverside, and Pudong Hub.

  According to Hang Yingwei, the Pudong Hub insists on “integrating the station and the city with multiple functions”, and the construction of the core area will start this year.

  With regard to the protection of people's livelihood, we insisted that financial resources should be increased and people's livelihood should be improved.

This year Pudong will continue to improve and strengthen the "home door" service system, and weave a "15-minute service circle".