The municipal police officers of Perpignan probably did not expect such an attack.

It was 10 p.m. on Tuesday, according to information from 



when a police patrol claims to have received a projectile on the hood of his car.

It is actually a ceramic dish thrown by a man from his apartment on the third floor.

There follows a veritable torrent of objects, bottles, windows and even doors!

The patrol then tries to go up in order to neutralize this man, who threatens to commit suicide.

The national police accompanied by a brigade of the BAC arrives in reinforcement and manages to control the individual, in advanced state of intoxication.

His motivations are still not known today.

Immediately placed in police custody, this man is now awaiting a medical examination to determine whether his mental state is compatible with the continuation of criminal measures.

As for the police officers targeted by the projectiles, they all lodged a complaint against their attacker.


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