A man asks for incubation rights in Dubai after over sixty years

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A man in his seventies applied to the Community Development Authority in Dubai to help him settle his legal status and obtain his identification papers, after he lived all his life years in the care and custody of a family, but without following up on the procedures applied with regard to incubation cases.

The Dubai Community Development Authority revealed to "Emirates Today" that the man had resorted to the authority and provided it with all the details that prove his embrace by an Emirati family, asking for help in implementing the procedures that would enable him to continue his life and obtain the rights guaranteed by law.

The authority said that this is the first case it has received in these circumstances and in this age group, since the authority took over in 2013 to provide childcare services in implementation of Federal Law No. (1) of 2012 issued regarding the care of a category of unknown parentage.

The authority stated that the man is now considered an elderly person and therefore needs to obtain the rights and services guaranteed by law, but this requires settling his status and obtaining the required official papers, content with retaining any additional information about his life circumstances out of respect and protection of privacy.

The authority explained that there are cases of incubation in the country that are very old and date back to many years before the law was issued, and that their owners did not report them to the relevant authorities, adding that even after the law was issued, many families did not take the initiative to follow the procedures stipulated to settle the conditions of their incubated children, either as a result of their lack of awareness Or because of their fears resulting from their ignorance of the necessity and importance of following up with the concerned authorities in the country to settle and correct the legal status of foster children in order to ensure that they obtain their rights.

The Community Development Authority in Dubai identified 5 challenges facing the system of incubating children of unknown parentage, which were discussed in previous media reports published by "Emirates Today".

The challenges include not wanting to embrace children over the age of four, not issuing identification papers for the child after embracing him, as well as some families embracing children without informing the concerned authorities, in addition to the exposure of some custodial families to financial difficulties, as well as the fifth challenge related to the ratio of societal awareness and awareness of foster families with all The terms and objectives of the incubation system.

Over the past years, the authority has intensified its awareness campaigns related to the child incubation system, by holding workshops, lectures and training courses to motivate community members to understand all the legal conditions and conditions regulating incubation operations.

It is noteworthy that Federal Law No. (1) of 2012 regarding the care of children of unknown parentage aims to regulate the care of children of unknown parentage in the country by establishing and developing care homes and securing foster families to provide them with health, psychological, social, recreational and educational care, as well as ensuring the rights and civil liberties of persons of unknown parentage and protecting their lives and their right to personal security and the preservation of the best interests of the child, in addition to protecting children of unknown parentage from abuse, inhumane treatment and neglect, and creating and securing appropriate conditions for their natural growth and upbringing the due Islamic upbringing.

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