, July 21. According to a report by, the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Oversight said that on the morning of the 20th local time, former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein), who was serving a sentence in prison, said The court ordered the transfer back to Los Angeles, California.

  Lawyer Norman Efman confirmed that Weinstein is now under the care of Los Angeles County and he is expected to be subpoenaed on the 21st.

  Weinstein faces 11 allegations of sexual assault in Los Angeles, involving five women.

He faces charges including rape and sexual abuse.

These incidents allegedly occurred between 2004 and 2013.

If convicted, he faces up to 140 years in prison.

  He was originally accused in Los Angeles County in January 2020 of sexually assaulting two women separately in 2013.

In April, the prosecutor added an additional charge that stemmed from an incident at the Beverly Hills Hotel in May 2010. In October, the prosecutor added six new charges.

  According to Weinstein's spokesperson, he denied these allegations.

  "Harvey Weinstein has always insisted that every physical contact in his life was voluntary. This has not changed," said spokesperson Engel Mayer.

  Last month, a New York judge approved the extradition of Weinstein to Los Angeles County so that Weinstein, who is serving his sentence in New York, can attend a new round of trial.

Weinstein was convicted in New York in 2020, including first-degree sexual offenses and third-degree rape.

According to state records, he is serving a sentence of 23 years in a prison outside Buffalo.