• Andalucía Susana Díaz will be appointed senator at the end of July

  • Politics Lifetime salaries in the Consultative create a gap in the Andalusian Government: Cs assures that the PP-PSOE negotiation stopped

The presence of

a rat

in the

Plenary Hall of the Andalusian Parliament

has altered for a few minutes the tranquility of the plenary session that was being held to appoint Susana Díaz as a senator by autonomous designation and has generated a stir among the parliamentarians who sit closer to where the animal has appeared.

It was precisely when the president of the Parliament of Andalusia,

Marta Bosquet,

was going to give way to the vote, by individual appeal and by ballot box, of the deputies for this election of Susana Díaz.

Finally, after a few minutes the incident has been resolved satisfactorily, according to the President of Parliament, and the session has been able to continue normally.

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