• Mottarone cable car, the investigation widens: 14 suspects

  • Mottarone tragedy, chain errors in the attribution of the investigation into the cable car disaster


20 July 2021 After the accident at the Mottarone cable car, in which 14 people died, Lake Maggiore tries to rise again.

There are three projects that the mayors of Stresa and Baveno, Marcella Severino and Alessandro Monti, discussed today with the Minister of Infrastructure, Enrico Giovannini. The first, worth 30 million euros, is the replacement of the current cable car with more modern technologies.

The hypothesis of building a first section of cable car, between Stresa and Alpino, and then a railway to climb to the summit is around 80 million. The third solution involves a cable car with a new stretch towards Omegna, to connect the Maggiore and Orta lakes.