China News Service, Toronto, July 19 (Reporter Yu Ruidong) After two consecutive days of finals, the 2021 "Cultural China·Water Cube Cup" Chinese Song Contest in Toronto, Canada will be held on July 18, and the juvenile group will be decided. , Youth and adult group winners.

  In the adult finals on the evening of the 18th, the only non-Chinese player, Janelle Yausif in a red skirt, appeared last.

The song "I Love You, China" won the house and won her the title.

As a judge, Canadian Chinese music educator Zhang Lisi commented that Janelle performed very well in various aspects such as breath and vocalization when singing.

She encouraged Janelle to continue to work hard and learn Chinese well.

  Janelle, who has been learning to sing Chinese songs for about two years, advanced in the semi-finals with a song "Ah, the Land of China", and learned "I Love You, China" in just one week.

She said that she wanted to learn more good Chinese songs.

  Hu Yanxue and Wang Shilu won the second runner-up and third runner-up in the adult group.

In the previous competition, Tang Shihua, Yi Qianchen, and Wen Zixuan won the top three in the children's group; Hao Yujie, Wu Zhengyi and Jiang Mixiao were among the top three in the children's group.

  According to this year's "Cultural China·Water Cube Cup" Chinese Song Contest Toronto sub-region organization, China-Canada Multicultural Exchange Association introduced that there are enthusiastic registrations for this event, and there are no shortage of high-level players.

In view of the improvement in the control of the epidemic in Toronto, the semi-finals and finals will be conducted in the form of live singing by the players.

Professional judges in many cities in Canada and the United States used video connections to score and comment on the contestants in real time in terms of singing level, Chinese level and artistic expression.

  Winners in different categories that meet the selection criteria will participate in the global finals of the 2021 "Cultural China·Water Cube" Chinese Song Contest in August.

The competition, which aims to use overseas Chinese as a bridge, to meet friends through songs, and to express love through songs, has been successfully held for ten consecutive times since 2011.