The U.S. government has issued a statement accusing the Chinese government, along with its allies, of "the Chinese authorities have hired a group of hackers" for cyber attacks targeting the mail system of Microsoft, a major IT company, all over the world.

The US NSA = National Security Agency and others released a report on the 19th, in which the Chinese intelligence agency "National Security Ministry" hired a group of domestic hackers and repeated cyber attacks on the United States and allies. They allegedly obtained confidential information or used a ransom-type virus to request money.

This includes a cyber attack that was revealed in March and was targeted at the mail system "Exchange Server" provided by major IT company Microsoft, which seems to have caused damage to local governments and companies around the world. It means that there is.

However, it does not provide a specific basis.

In response to the release of the report, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, "Governments and businesses were forced to bear billions of dollars by stealing intellectual property and paying ransom," along with allies and others. It issued a statement blaming the Chinese government.

High-ranking US government officials say that this includes Japan, the EU = European Union, NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and so on.

The statement includes that countries will work together to call on China to respond and promote cyber security, and President Biden will unite with each country to counter China. This is the shape shown again.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Malicious cyber activity cannot be overlooked and categorically criticized"

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot overlook malicious cyber activities after the United States and others have issued statements blaming the Chinese government for cyber attacks targeting the mail system of IT giant Microsoft all over the world, and national security From the perspective of security, he should be strongly concerned, and announced a foreign press secretary's discourse saying that he would categorically criticize him.

Among them, "The United Kingdom and the United States have issued a statement regarding a cyber attack group called" APT40 "with the background of the Chinese government, but it is possible that" APT40 "has the background of the Chinese government as well. We rate it as high, and we are paying close attention to it with strong concern. "

He added, "We believe that malicious cyber activities cannot be overlooked and should be strongly concerned from the perspective of national security, and we will categorically condemn them and work hard."

"We will continue to work closely with the international community, including the G7 countries, to promote the development of a free, fair and safe cyberspace."