Chinanews, July 19, "Through the joint efforts of all parties, from the current point of view, the national power supply is safe and reliable, and the grid is running smoothly and orderly." The spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission Jin Xiandong made the above statement when answering reporters on the 19th. .

Data map: Electricity workers are busy.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Hou Yu

  On the 19th, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference.

At the meeting, a reporter asked a question that the summer peak of electricity consumption is approaching. How to ensure a smooth peak in summer this year?

  In this regard, Jin Xiandong pointed out that since this year, the country's electricity demand has continued to grow rapidly.

Recently, as the national temperature continues to rise, air-conditioning power consumption has increased rapidly, and the national electricity load and daily power generation have continued to rise. Both have exceeded the peak of last summer in early July, and demand and supply have been tight during peak hours in some areas.

  "In order to ensure the safe and stable supply of power during the peak summer, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with local and relevant power companies, comprehensively analyzed and judged the supply and demand situation during the peak summer, carefully formulated power supply guarantee plans, and deepened power demand side management from five aspects. Start, and effectively ensure the smooth and orderly operation of power." Jin Xiandong said.

  One is to closely track changes in the power supply and demand situation.

In particular, it pays attention to the impact of economic development and weather changes on the growth of electricity consumption, tracks changes in the trend of the highest electricity load, analyzes and judges possible supply and demand gaps, and continuously refines and rolls adjustments to emergency supply plans.

  The second is to focus on improving the power generation and supply capacity of various power sources.

Promote important new power sources to be put into production on time, guide local governments and enterprises to promote hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power and other clean energy power generation, optimize generator maintenance and ensure the fuel supply of thermal power units, and strive to improve the peak power generation capacity of various power sources.

  The third is to focus on improving the ability of optimized dispatching of power grid resources.

Accelerate the construction of key power grid projects and the upgrading and transformation of the distribution network, guide grid companies to optimize the operation of the power grid, give full play to the transmission capacity of cross-regional and cross-provincial channels, and use the differences in surplus and shortfalls in various regions to organize power transactions.

  The fourth is to focus on improving the flexibility and regulation ability of the power system.

Actively promote the development and construction of pumped-storage power stations and new electrochemical energy storage, strengthen the capacity building of emergency backup and peak-shaving power sources, and improve the power emergency support capabilities.

  Fifth, focus on deepening power demand side management.

Improve market-oriented demand response capabilities, implement a priority power purchase system, finely implement and orderly use electricity, ensure electricity consumption for residents, agriculture, important public utilities, and public welfare services, and effectively protect people's livelihood and key electricity consumption.

  "Through the above five aspects, we will focus on improving the three capabilities of power generation and supply, resource scheduling, and system adjustment, so as to effectively guarantee the power supply and the people's livelihood. With the joint efforts of all parties, from the current point of view, the national power supply is safe and reliable. , The power grid is running smoothly and orderly. In the next step, we will work with all regions, relevant departments and power companies to thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, coordinate energy security guarantees and green and low-carbon transitions, seize prominent contradictions and problems, and do a solid job The work of ensuring the safety of power supply ensures that the power peaks are stable and orderly in the summer." Jin Xiandong stressed.