A Dutch restaurant drew attention by launching 'the world's most expensive hamburger'.

Foreign media such as the New York Post on the 15th local time introduced the hamburger 'Golden Boy' at 'De Dalton's' restaurant located in Portawizen, Netherlands.

The Golden Boy, developed by restaurant owner Chef Robert Jan de Vin after five months of research, costs $5,964 (about 6.8 million won) and is the most expensive hamburger in the world.

The hamburger, which takes 9 hours to make, is made with gold leaf bread, a sauce made with whiskey and Luwak coffee, and expensive ingredients such as Japanese Wagyu, Beluga caviar, Alaskan king crab and white truffle.

Golden Boy also had a significant birth story.

Chef Robert, who watched nearby stores close due to Corona 19, was thinking about how to comfort the restaurant industry. He decided to donate all the proceeds by challenging the Guinness record for 'World's Most Expensive Hamburger'.

The previous record is a $5,000 (about 5.7 million won) hamburger made by a restaurant in Oregon, USA in 2011. Robert noted that he couldn't eat the 350kg hamburger by himself, saying, "It is more expensive, but one person can eat it all. I have to make hamburgers that I can do.” I developed Golden Boy.

The president of the Dutch Food and Beverage Association, who tasted Golden Boy for the first time, praised the taste, saying, "The harmony between ingredients is excellent and the flavor is very good.

He also added a pleasant review saying, "The hamburger is covered with gold leaf, so your fingers will turn golden when you eat it."

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