(Fighting against new crown pneumonia) The rebound in the German epidemic continues to list the Netherlands and other countries as risk areas

  China News Agency, Berlin, July 16 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The German disease control agency announced on the 16th that 1456 new cases of new crown virus were newly diagnosed in a single day, which has added more than 1,000 new cases for the third consecutive day. The index reflecting the severity of the epidemic is also Continuous rebound for many days.

In response to the continuous rebound of epidemics in neighboring countries, the German Federal Government listed the Netherlands, Greece, and parts of Denmark as areas at risk for the new crown epidemic on the 16th. People returning to Germany from these countries and regions must provide a negative test report or vaccination certificate.

  According to data released by the Robert Koch Institute, a German disease control agency, that day, the number of new confirmed cases and the number of new deaths were 1,456 and 18 respectively.

Up to now, Germany has a total of 3,741,781 confirmed cases and 91,337 deaths.

In terms of vaccination schedule, Germany has received 85 million doses of vaccine as of the day, and a total of 37,713,915 people have been fully vaccinated, accounting for 45.3% of the country's total population.

  The important indicator used by the German government to monitor the severity of the new crown epidemic, "the average number of new diagnoses per 100,000 people in seven days," has rebounded for several consecutive days, rising from 8 on the 15th to 8.6 on the 16th, and just a week ago. The value is still 5.5.

  The Robert Koch Institute announced on the same day that the German Federal Government has listed the Netherlands, Greece, and parts of Denmark, which have recently rebounded rapidly, as areas at risk for the new crown epidemic. Among them, the Netherlands and Denmark have land borders with Germany.

According to the current German epidemic prevention regulations, people returning to Germany from a "new crown epidemic risk area" must provide a certificate of a negative test for the new crown or a certificate that they have been fully vaccinated.

  At present, more than 120 countries have been listed as risk-risk areas in all or part of Germany, including Spain and Turkey, which are popular holiday destinations for Germans.

Portugal and Cyprus are classified as "high-risk areas" due to the high number of new diagnoses. Those who return to Germany from these two countries must receive 5-10 days if they have not been vaccinated or have been infected with the new crown virus. Isolation.