A vaccination center against Covid-19 was vandalized in Lans-en-Vercors (Isère), on the night of Friday to Saturday, announced the mayor of this town, confirming information from the regional daily

Le Dauphiné Libéré


"The communal building in which the vaccination center was installed is completely out of order, all fire-fighting systems have been opened", explains Michaël Kraemer (SE).

"Dubious and vile shortcuts"

Furniture, syringes and compresses were also ransacked.

"1940, ARN = Danger", "Vaccine = genocide": anti-vaccine inscriptions and crosses of Lorraine were also tagged on the building as well as the tourist office.

"We make dubious and ignoble shortcuts, it is a lack of culture and total respect for the history of the Vercors", high place of the maquis during the Second World War, denounces Michaël Kraemer.

Municipal equipment stored in garages under the building has also been damaged, while the structure and floors of the building are soaked with water.

An investigation entrusted to the gendarmerie

"We also pay the price of the instrumentalisation of certain major national policies which, to exist today, use mistrust vis-à-vis vaccination", accuses the mayor, by establishing a link with various anti-pass committees local sanitary facilities.

The town hall of this small town of some 2,600 inhabitants was to host a vaccination center again this weekend following the renewed interest in serum linked to the expansion of the health pass.

The medical house should be able to carry out some of the vaccinations scheduled for this Saturday and a complaint should be filed in the afternoon.

An investigation was entrusted to the Villard-de-Lans gendarmerie which went to the site.


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