A family of wild bears jumping into the middle of a midsummer daytime crowd was caught by the cameras of vacationers.

On the 15th local time, foreign media such as ABC, USA reported that a mother brown bear with her cubs appeared on the beach in South Lake Tahoe, California on the 11th.

The video, which became a hot topic online at the time, showed a brown bear family striding into the sea.

There were people just a few steps away, but the mother bear did not care and jumped into the water with her cubs.

Those enjoying a vacation at the beach were startled by the sudden appearance of the bears, and those who were in the water were busy getting out to land.

Amidst the bewildered spectators, the bear family chilled out with a splash of water.

Among the netizens who encountered the situation at the time, there was a reaction that it was unfortunate for the situation of the brown bear family.

Mother brown bears have a very strong and aggressive protective instinct when with their cubs, which means that they are suffocated by the heat enough to get in the middle of a crowd.

In fact, the daytime temperature in South Lake Tahoe exceeded 33 degrees Celsius.

Experts pointed out that people's response is more important than ever, as more and more unexpected encounters with wild animals due to abnormal temperatures and other reasons.

"This mother brown bear is in a state of aggression at any moment," said Mojin Canseller, a biologist at the University of Delaware. People should have been much further away.”

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(Photo='ABC' Twitter)