by Fabrizio Patti

15 July 2021 Weak European stocks: the index of the Ftse Mib in Milan has the greatest decline, together with the Dax in Frankfurt.

Today, at the European level, mainly the car and travel sectors are on the decline.

In Milan, however, the decline in banks and oil stocks is also being felt.

This is also because oil is falling today, Brent is back at $ 94 a barrel.

Yesterday agreement at Opec Plus: the United Arab Emirates have obtained a derogation from the limits decided by the organization and will be able to increase production.

Perhaps the European Commission's proposal to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035 also affects today's decline.

The data on Chinese GDP in the second quarter also arrived today: +7.9 percent, just below analysts' expectations. Compared to 2019, the climb is 5.5%.

The Asian markets have reacted well, the stock exchanges in the area are all up except that of Tokyo.

On the other hand, futures that anticipate the start of Wall Street are without a single direction. The Dow Jones and S & P500 index should open lower, while the Nasdaq of technology stocks higher.

In Piazza Affari today, above all, we said, cars and oil are badly off. Among the biggest reductions are Tenaris, Cnh Industrial and Exor. Greater rise for Interpump