Choi Jae-hyeong, the former chief of the Board of Audit and Inspection, joined the power of the people today (15th). Former President Choi said that he had joined as a member of the Pyeong Party and decided that the power of the people should be the center of regime change.

Correspondent Kim Soo-young.


Choi Jae-hyeong, former chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection, announced his intention to join the party this morning at a meeting with Lee Jun-seok, representative of the People's Power.

It has been 17 days since I resigned from the Board of Audit and Inspection Service on the 28th of last month.

Choi explained the reason for joining the party because he thought that politics is the process by which people with like-minded people achieve a common goal together, and he thought it would be desirable to join a political party and become the subject of change in politics as long as he decided to become a politician.

[Jaehyung Choi/Former Chairman of the Audit Committee: I decided that the center of the change of government should be the power of the people, which is also the first opposition party.]

Former Chairman Choi said that he joined the party as a member of the plaintiff, and he did not talk about the timing of the declaration of the presidential challenge.

Party leaders gathered and held an instant welcome ceremony, and former President Choi even filled out the application form on mobile.

Former President Choi announced that he would participate in politics just before the death of his father on the 8th, and yesterday he met Rep. Kwon Young-se, who is the chairman of the People's Strength External Cooperation Committee, and discussed the issue of joining the party.

Another powerful presidential candidate in the opposition, former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, visited former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon this morning for advice on his experiences in politics, etc.