A man in his thirties was assaulted on Monday in a train traveling Montélimar / Valence in the Drôme.

Four people came across him after he asked them to turn down the music on their phones, which they were listening to without headphones.

The victim was prescribed eight days of ITT, reports

Le Dauphiné Libéré


Seeing that the group refused to lower the volume, the man grabbed their phone before throwing it to the ground.

This is when the four suspects are accused of hitting him.

They were arrested in the wake of rail security officers before being disembarked in Valence.

Three of them deny the facts

In the group was a 17-year-old minor from Béziers, who admitted to being the author of the beatings.

The three adults, domiciled in the Rhône and Isère, who accompanied him denied the facts.

This did not prevent them from being presented to the prosecution for an indictment.


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