Today, Wednesday, the verdict was handed down in the Vårby case, where rappers Yasin Mahamoud and Haval Kahlil, together with several people from the Vårby network, were charged with preparation and involvement in the kidnapping of a famous Swedish artist.

Yasin Mahamoud is sentenced to ten months in prison for preparation for kidnapping and Haval Kahlil to two years in prison and six months for aiding and abetting kidnapping and robbery by the artist at a later time.

As evidence, the prosecutor is largely leaning towards the communication in Encrochat that became available last year.

It states that the kidnapping plans were already initiated on March 28 last year and that Yasin's actions "have been of central importance to enable the execution of the act", the court writes in the judgment.

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Hear rapper Yasin's lawyer Frida Wallin comment on the verdict.

Attracted the artist

Through the chat, the leader of the spring village network, Chihab Lamouri, is said to have ordered the so-called captain of the network to coordinate the kidnapping of the artist.

To help him, it appears, he will use the rapper Yasin, whom he already knows.

The plan was for Yasin to lure the artist to the studio and that he would later be torn out of a car by a red light.

But it was all interrupted.

Only a few weeks later were the plans resumed - but then with the rapper Haval Kahlil who has taken over the task of attracting the young artist.

When the whole thing was launched in April last year, the artist was taken to an apartment in southern Stockholm where he was detained while he was beaten, threatened, dressed in degrading clothes, photographed and forced to give away gold chains and a Rolex watch worth hundreds of thousands of kronor.

Haval must not have participated in the actual events in the apartment and his involvement must therefore be assessed as aiding and abetting kidnapping, the district court writes in the judgment.

In addition to the rappers, the leader of the Vårby network is also convicted Chihab Lamouri, a former youth national team player in football and four other people for kidnapping and robbery in connection with the incident.

Since Yasin has relapsed into crime, the district court has decided that he will also serve a previously remaining part of a prison sentence, which results in a custodial sentence of a total of 1.5 years.