• Saman case, the cousin of the missing Pakistani girl remains in prison

  • Saman murder: parents included in the Interpol list, requested provisional arrest

  • Saman case.

    Research area expands, checks in a grove

  • Saman case, we start digging in the areas identified by the Ticinese dogs

  • The case of Saman.

    His body perhaps in the greenhouses where he was not looked for


12 July 2021 After 67 days, searches were suspended in the area of ​​the farm in Novellara (Reggio Emilia) where Saman Abbas's family lived and where the body of the 18-year-old Pakistani is believed to be buried, who refused an arranged marriage and that for this reason would have been killed by family members.

In more than two months, 500 carabinieri, various special dogs, firefighters with boats, provincial police were employed. Hd geo scanners, electromagnetometers, drones were also used and analyzes of satellite information and cameras were performed.

The girl, who disappeared without a trace since the night of April 30, was searched in every place and by any means, in vain. It was therefore decided to interrupt the expensive work in the field, but the investigations of the weapon continue, both to find the body, ready to go back to digging in case of news, and to capture the fugitive family members.

The two parents, who left for Pakistan on May 1st, Shabbar Abbas, 47, and Nazia Shaheen, 46, are being investigated for the murder. Then the Danish uncle Hasnain, 33, considered the material perpetrator, the cousin Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq, 35, wanted in Europe while the only one arrested is another cousin, Ikram Ijaz, stopped on May 28 on a bus from France. going to Spain and currently in prison.

When questioned, he said he was unrelated to the disappearance of the young relative, but the investigators did not believe him and on Saturday the review court also confirmed his pre-trial detention for him. Among the elements that lead investigators to think that Saman was killed, there are the statements of the minor brother, who accused his uncle of the crime and who was heard in the probative incident.

The same type of hearing, which anticipates a procedural moment, should be set shortly to acquire another testimony, that of the girl's young compatriot boyfriend, who resides in another region and has reported having suffered threats from her family. .