A Korean missionary couple who had been kidnapped in Haiti were released safely.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today (12th) that a Korean missionary couple, who had been kidnapped by a group abducting Buddha statues in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti on the 24th of last month, were safely released from the suburbs of the capital around noon on the 10th local time.

As a result of the examination immediately after release, he was generally in good health and departed from Haiti on a flight yesterday (11th) afternoon, and is scheduled to return home via a third country.

Immediately after recognizing the abduction incident, the government operated the Overseas Citizens Protection Countermeasures Headquarters at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and on the 25th of last month, 1st Vice Minister Choi Jong-gun spoke to Haiti Provisional Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Claude Joseph for their interest and cooperation in resolving the incident.

In-ho Lee, ambassador to the provincial minicar republic, who also serves as ambassador to Haiti, met with the head of the Haiti National Police Agency and the director of the Central Judicial Police Agency to discuss the direction of response to the incident.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the government has been working closely with the Haiti government to ensure an early release under the principle of first priority for public safety and the principle of not negotiating directly with kidnapping groups.