According to Customs figures, dog smuggling has reached new levels in Sweden.

The Swedish Customs sees a connection to more people being eager to get a dog during the pandemic.

Something that benefits the organized leagues because the national market can not meet the growing demand.

- If it continues like this, it will not be good at all.

I hope that this information makes people think again, says Håkan Hansson, deputy unit manager at the Swedish Customs' control department South.

Most are stopped in Scania

The Swedish Customs in Lernacken is the one that has handled most cases.

Only there, 67 dogs were stopped between January and June this year, but Trelleborg and Helsingborg are also popular entrances for dog smugglers.

Customs describes dog smuggling as a work environment problem as staff and district veterinarians are badly affected by having to kill the dogs that are sick or can not be sent back.

- For many, it is difficult and uncomfortable to have to assist in killing, says Håkan Hansson.

Important things to keep in mind

To reduce smuggling, the Swedish Customs appeals to the public not to buy smuggled dogs, but instead to turn to breeders.

- If you are going to buy a dog, it is best to visit the puppy and the bitch at home, and to request the seller's complete personal information, says Håkan Hansson.

In February, SVT visited the Swedish Customs on the Öresund Bridge - hears group manager Niklas Delin about having to kill dogs that are smuggled in: "The worst thing you can be a part of as a customs officer".

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Hear the Swedish Customs about having to kill puppies that are smuggled into Sweden - a now almost daily phenomenon.

Photo: Bernard Mikulic / SVT