“We will not allow any counter-revolutionary mercenaries sold to the American empire to provoke destabilization.

There will be a revolutionary answer.

That is why we call on all communists to take to the streets, where these provocations will take place, and resolutely resist them, "Izvestia quotes the statement of Diaz-Canel.

He also said that the communists are ready to fight in the streets and die for the revolution.

According to the Cuban publication Diario de Cuba, thousands of people took to the streets this Sunday in eight cities of the country to participate in massive peaceful protests against the government.

The main complaint was the shortage of food, medicine and virtually all basic necessities in the country.

Also, residents were worried about the repeated outbreak of coronavirus, which led to the fact that all hospitals were overflowing.

"The unprecedented protests express the population's accumulated fatigue from the government's destructive policies," the report says.

The protesters shout "Freedom, freedom!", "Motherland and life!"