(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhong Nanshan: Artificial Intelligence "Breaking Out" Helping Epidemic Prevention and Control

  China News Service, July 9th (Zheng Yingying) Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in a video keynote speech at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Health Summit Forum on the 9th that in the face of the current new crown epidemic, we are monitoring and warning of the disease and tracing the source of the virus. A series of major achievements have been made in such aspects as prevention, control and treatment, and vaccine research and development. Among them, the research on artificial intelligence technology is also eye-catching.

  Zhong Nanshan said that the new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence has empowered the fields of medicine, health, and public health, promoted global medical basic research, clinical application research, and research and development of pharmaceutical devices, and further improved human cognition and understanding of diseases.

  He pointed out that China’s medical and health strategy will focus on health instead of treatment. “In other words, we must focus on people’s health. In medical work, the focus must be on the upstream, so that people are healthy and less sick. Sickness, or only a minor illness."

  He said that this aspect can better reflect the health-centered development strategy and provide richer and stronger support in the promotion of disease prevention, early diagnosis, early intervention, and early treatment.

He believes that artificial intelligence has emerged in this regard, and has excellent performance in optimizing resource allocation, improving the efficiency of prevention and remediation, and reducing service costs.

  Zhong Nanshan said that currently, global health is facing major challenges: on the one hand, as industrialization, urbanization, and modernization bring changes in lifestyles, and the increasing ageing of the population, the spectrum of diseases has changed. Chronic and non-communicable diseases The burden of COVID-19 is increasing day by day, accounting for almost 80%. Since 2020, the global spread of new crown virus infection has also issued unprecedented challenges and tests to human society. The international community needs to unite, help each other through storms, and gather together. All forces are working together to deal with this global public health crisis.

On the other hand, a new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence is booming, and it is rapidly infiltrating and integrating into medical and health industries, thus setting off a new round of industrial revolution, and also giving economic development, social governance, and people’s lives in various countries. Brought a major and far-reaching impact.

  He introduced that the National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianpeng Computer and other scientific research institutions and AI companies, have jointly created a cloud platform for artificial intelligence respiratory health big data. "We have also established a global epidemic control trend forecast. AI image recognition of new coronary pneumonia, AI drug screening, AI pulmonary function management and quality control of the new generation of artificial intelligence information technology platform, in terms of clinical medicine, scientific research and teaching, health and epidemic prevention, public emergency, health services, etc., accelerate the improvement of health The quality of resource supply has made useful explorations for new models of medical and health management and services."

  "Health is tied to life," Zhong Nanshan said, let us join hands to safeguard the health of people around the world and build a community of human health and health.