A statement issued by the Office of the United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs for Yemen stated that the escalation of hostilities in Al-Hodeidah Governorate is putting thousands of civilians at risk, and the United Nations has warned of the continued increase in the spread of famine in the country.

The UN office statement indicated that 8 civilian casualties have been reported in Hodeidah since January 20, in addition to damage to homes and farms, and the displacement of more than 100 families.

The Acting Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Awok Lutsma, called for an immediate cessation of indiscriminate attacks on residential areas, considering them a violation of international law.

Lutsma added that Yemen is witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with about 80% of the population in need of humanitarian assistance and protection.

Stephane Dujarric, a spokesman for United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, also warned of the continued increase in the threat of famine in Yemen, noting that about 50,000 Yemenis live in famine-like conditions, while 5 million others are only one step away from facing the same conditions.

Dujarric added that with food prices rising 150% above the average before the conflict, and the depreciation of the Yemeni riyal, the threat of hunger for millions has become a reality.

He stressed that everything we can do must be done to prevent the spread of famine now, calling for more humanitarian funding, greater support for the economy through the injection of foreign exchange, and an end to the violence.

He revealed that the humanitarian response plan for Yemen has received only 56 percent of the funds it needs so far.