In Sydney, Australia's largest city, the spread of the mutant virus cannot be stopped, so regulations have been tightened, such as extending restrictions on going out and limiting the distance and number of people who can go out for exercise.

Australia has suppressed the spread of the new coronavirus infection by strict border control, but last month in Sydney, the driver of the limousine bus that picks up international crew members became a mutant virus "Delta strain" confirmed in India. Since it was discovered that it was infected, community-acquired infections have spread.

The state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, announced on the 9th that 44 new cases have been confirmed, excluding immigrants.

Due to the unstoppable spread of the infection, Sydney's outing restrictions, which were to be lifted on the night of the 9th, have been extended for a week.

The state government also limits the number of people out of exercise to two people, excluding family members, when going out for exercise throughout Sydney, and only one person per day can go shopping for essentials. The police have tightened the crackdown by announcing that the regulations will be tightened.

New South Wales Prime Minister Beresikrian said at a press conference, "I don't know if we'll be able to relax the regulations by next Friday unless the number of infected people drops dramatically," and residents are urged to comply with the regulations. I called to.