[Simultaneous on-site]

  We are Taiwan Lutong. You have made an appointment for the new crown vaccine through us. We will arrange the second injection next Tuesday. Do you have time?

Then we are at 2:30 in the afternoon next Tuesday.

  [Explanation] During this period, Shi Xiaoxiao received many consultation calls about new crown vaccination every day. She also did enough homework to answer Taiwan compatriots’ questions and provide more relevant information.

  [Concurrent] Shi Xiaoxiao, a young man from Taiwan

  I think everyone will feel more cordial to me. They will have common topics. After helping them, everyone will become friends, and we will have fun together offline.

  [Commentary] Shi Xiaoxiao was born in Hualien, Taiwan. When she was a child, she followed her parents to Fuzhou.

It has always been her dream to study in the mainland. After graduating from high school, Shi Xiaoxiao was admitted to Jinan University with a major in advertising.

She has witnessed the rapid changes in the mainland. High-speed rail, online shopping, Alipay, shared bicycles, etc. make her feel the great convenience of life.

After graduating from university, Shi Xiaoxiao decided to stay and work in the mainland.

He is currently a staff member of the "Tailutong" platform in Fuzhou and the supervisor of the Rongtai Exchange Talent Station of the Fuzhou Cross-Strait Community Exchange Center.

  [Explanation] "Tailutong", launched in Fujian in 2017, is a smart phone application designed to facilitate Taiwan compatriots to travel to and from the mainland. It mainly provides Taiwan compatriots with "one-stop" convenient services such as government affairs, licenses, and communications.

In March of this year, the platform added a new function-specifically opened the online booking channel for Taiwanese compatriots to vaccinate the new crown virus in Fuzhou.

Since the opening of the online appointment channel, Shi Xiaoxiao has helped more than 300 Taiwanese compatriots get the new crown vaccine smoothly.

In her opinion, this is the most fulfilling thing since joining the work.

  [Concurrent] Shi Xiaoxiao, a young man from Taiwan

  Taiwan-Lutong is now the preferred appointment channel for Taiwanese compatriots in Fuzhou. Now we can receive 30 to 50 new appointment calls every day, and then we will notify them one by one, and then arrange a unified time to accompany them to administer the vaccine. .

  [Explanation] Shi Xiaoxiao told reporters that both Fujian Province’s “66 Implementation Opinions” and Fuzhou’s “68 Measures” to benefit Taiwan, both strongly support Taiwan compatriots in internships, employment and entrepreneurship in Fujian, and provide Taiwan compatriots with the mainland compatriots Equal treatment, these preferential policies are of great help to young people in Taiwan.

  [Concurrent] Shi Xiaoxiao, a young man from Taiwan

  Because Fuzhou is considered to be one of the cities in the mainland where I have stayed, and the Taiwan policy is very good. The Taiwan Affairs Office is also very concerned about our Taiwan compatriots. Everyone is living here very happy.

When I first came last year, the Taiwan Affairs Office organized us to participate in many garden parties, tea parties, and let us know more about life in Fuzhou.

Many Taiwanese youth associations choose to work in Fujian or to work in the mainland because life in the mainland is very convenient, and then there is better help for work development and career.

  [Commentary] At the Fuzhou Cross-Strait Community Exchange Center, there is a comprehensive service brand for Taiwanese compatriots "Find Xiaoxiao if Difficulties". The "Xiaoxiao" is Shi Xiaoxiao. Combining her personal feelings, she pays more attention to Taiwan. The needs of our friends in life and work.

Shi Xiaoxiao expressed that she hopes to use her service to bring the warmth of Fuzhou to more Taiwanese compatriots in Fuzhou.

  [Concurrent] Shi Xiaoxiao, a young man from Taiwan

  In fact, Xiaoxiao is a team, that is, we have solved the life, work, and a series of troubles for Taiwanese compatriots, and provided more help for Taiwanese compatriots to live and work in Fuzhou. I feel quite fulfilled, quite happy, and still have a good relationship. I have come to many friends through work, so I feel very happy.

  [Explanation] In September 2020, Shi Xiaoxiao had an appointment with Fujian, and she took the first step to find dreams on the mainland. In Fuzhou, she also felt the warmth of home and looked forward to taking root here. Regarding the future development prospects, Shi Xiaoxiao was also full of longing.

  [Concurrent] Shi Xiaoxiao, a young man from Taiwan

  Because my parents have also lived in Fuzhou, they also have deep feelings for Fujian. In the future, after they retire, they may live with me in Fuzhou.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]