, July 9th, according to the American Chinese website, the New York City Police announced on Wednesday (7th) that on the 16th of last month, a house in Manhattan's Chinatown was burgled and lost 16,800 dollars worth of property.

  According to police sources, the incident occurred at 4:15 am on the 16th of last month. After a man broke the lock on the front door of the incident, he broke into the locations on Mulberry St and Canal St. ) At the intersection of a private house, he entered an unlocked room and took away the purse, clothes, jewelry and electronic products from the house, worth about US$16,800.

  Later, the man took the elevator to escape, where he was unknown.

Fortunately, no casualties were caused.

  The police said the suspect was a light-skinned adult male, about 30 years old, of medium build, and was last seen wearing a light blue hoodie, black jacket, gray pants and black boots.

  The New York City Police appealed to the people in the know for clues.

(Wang Yiyi)