In the EU = European Union, a fine of more than 110 billion yen in Japanese yen for violating the EU competition law by concluding a cartel over the development competition of exhaust gas purification technology between major German automobile manufacturers Volkswagen and BMW etc. Announced that it was fined.

The European Commission, the EU's executive body, announced on the 8th that the Volkswagen Group, including Audi and Porsche, and BMW had a cartel over technology development.

According to this, the companies had agreed to meet regularly to curb the development of technologies to reduce harmful substances contained in exhaust gas.

The European Commission said that the act avoided legitimate competition and violated the EU competition law, which is Japan's antitrust law, for a total of about 870 million euros (about 114 billion yen in Japanese yen) for the two companies. ) Sanctions have been imposed.

The European Commission will announce climate change measures to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions next week, with Executive Vice-Chairman Vestair saying, "Don't hesitate to act on any cartel that threatens our goals. I will take it. "

It is said that Daimler was also added to the cartel, but the fine was exempted because it notified the European Commission of the existence of the cartel.