The National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau reports on the work safety of national mines in the first half of the year

  The reporter learned from a press conference held by the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau on the morning of July 9 that since this year, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau has taken the prevention and containment of major accidents as a "niu nose", and has focused on the three-year special rectification of mine safety. The main line, focusing on the safety investigation of coal mines, underground non-coal mines, and tailings ponds, organizes the implementation of “four special rectifications” such as mine outsourcing projects, resource integration coal mines, managed coal mines and the practice of safety evaluation agencies, and conducts 2 rounds of coal mine Remote supervision and law enforcement and special supervision and supervision of mine flood prevention and water prevention have promoted the closure and withdrawal of mines with outdated production capacity and no safe production conditions in various places, and promoted the continuous stability of the national mine safety production situation.

  The relevant person in charge introduced that the national coal mine safety supervision and law enforcement has been further strengthened, which has improved the quality and effectiveness of law enforcement.

In the first half of this year, a total of 9156 mines were monitored and enforced, an increase of 1171 mines; 66,281 hidden dangers were investigated, a year-on-year increase of 5554, of which 594 were major hidden dangers, an increase of 129 from the same period last year; administrative fines were 921 million yuan, an increase of 221 million year-on-year Yuan; order to suspend production for rectification of 373 mines, an increase of 101 from the same period last year; temporarily withhold safety production permits for 476 coal mines, an increase of 37 from the same period last year; order to stop operation of 3,252 mining faces, an increase of 628 from the same period last year; order to withdraw operations from dangerous areas Staff 46 times, an increase of 14 times year-on-year.

  The National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau focused on the three-year action for special rectification of mine safety, and established 139 targets and specific measures. It took comprehensive safety investigations as the starting point to fundamentally eliminate hidden accidents and solve problems. .

In terms of coal mines, 19 provinces have completed self-inspection and self-reformation of coal mines. The coverage rate of supervision and investigation in various regions reached 87.4%, and the coverage rate of supervision and law enforcement of “all links of the system” reached 80.3%. Supervision and supervision agencies at all levels investigated and dealt with 178,758 hidden problems. There were 344 major hidden dangers, a fine of 480 million yuan, and 374 orders to suspend production for rectification.

In terms of non-coal mines, 4,729 underground mines and 4,529 tailings ponds across the country completed self-inspection and self-renovation, accounting for 70% and 71% respectively; regulatory authorities at all levels investigated and dealt with 37,917 hidden problems, including 294 major hidden dangers, and ordered the suspension of production for rectification. 291 seats were fined 21.1 million yuan, and 100 non-coal mines were closed.

  In order to deeply learn the lessons of non-coal mine accidents, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau has decided to organize a national non-coal underground mines and tailing ponds from March to the end of 2021 to carry out a large-scale investigation of production safety. The completion rates of self-inspection and self-reformation of tailings ponds were 70% and 71%, respectively, and the completion rates of inspections by emergency management departments at all levels were 85.1% and 73.7%. The flood season is approaching, keep an eye on underground mines and tailings ponds, and organize two batches of 17 groups to conduct special flood season inspections in 17 key areas across the country. As of mid-June, the first batch of inspections in 10 areas in the south has been completed. A total of 328 hidden accidents and 24 major hidden dangers have been discovered. Currently, the second batch of 7 northern regions is being monitored. (CCTV reporter Zhao Yutong)