Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow sees parallels in the actions of the CDU Bundestag candidate Hans-Georg Maaßen and that of the AfD party and parliamentary group leader in the country, Björn Höcke.

"He provokes with steep statements, waits for the outrage, only to claim that he has been misunderstood again," said the politician of the party Die Linke of the German press agency about the Christian Democrats.

"Maaßen uses methods similar to those of Mr. Höcke." You shouldn't fall for such provocations again and again, says Ramelow.

Maaßen was elected by the South Thuringian CDU as its direct candidate in constituency 196 for the federal election on September 26th.

His line-up is criticized by large parts of the CDU.

Accusation of tendentious reporting by public media

The CDU Bundestag candidate and former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution had repeatedly triggered outrage in the past few days, including in his own ranks, with the accusation of tendentious reporting by public media.

In particular, he accused the “Tagesschau” and its employees of connections to the left-wing extremist scene and called for an investigation.

Maaßen did not give concrete examples or evidence for his allegations or names. 

Politicians from various parties had called on him to exercise moderation.

Maaßen received backing from district associations in southern Thuringia, which had set it up.

The Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) suggested Maassen to leave the party.

“He should think about what he said and whether he is still in the right party with it.

He has to answer this question now, ”Hans told the newspapers of the Funke media group on Thursday.

Maassen's statements on the review of ARD journalists are "wrong in every respect and harmful to the Union," said Hans.

“They are simply not compatible with us.” Public broadcasting is a cornerstone of democracy.

"High hurdles for party exclusion procedures"

However, Hans refused to initiate party exclusion proceedings against the former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

"We have to be clear when things are said by party members that do not suit us," he said.

A party exclusion procedure is bound to "very high hurdles".

In addition, there is "someone who has no meaning in the Union".

CDU leader Armin Laschet on Wednesday pleaded for restraint in the debate about his party's dealings with Maassen.

Laschet said in the series of talks "Brigitte live" that he did not intend to add value to every comment with his own positioning.

The South Thuringian CDU had Maaßen put up as a direct candidate for the federal election at the end of April.

He caused quite a stir with his statements.