Chinanews, July 6th, according to a report by the US Chinese website, a few days ago, an IT software management company in the United States was attacked by a ransomware, affecting hundreds of companies and institutions around the world.

On the 4th local time, the hackers behind the scenes demanded 70 million US dollars from the company in exchange for the data they hijacked.

  According to reports, this ransom request was posted on a blog, which is usually used by a cybercriminal group called REvil.

It is reported that the gang is one of the largest online blackmail gangs in the world.

  The ransomware attack occurred on the 2nd and the target was Kaseya, a technology company based in Miami.

The hacker group used Kaseya's contacts with customers and its customers' customers to paralyze the computers of hundreds of technology companies around the world.

  According to Kaseya, fewer than 60 customers were directly attacked by hackers.

But customers in about a dozen countries have been affected, including schools, tourism and leisure organizations, credit unions, and public sector agencies.

  Chief Executive Kaseya said on the 5th that 800 to 1500 companies worldwide were affected by ransomware attacks.

  Cybersecurity experts said that it is "almost certain" that these ransom requests came from REvil's core leadership.

  The White House said on the 4th that it is in contact with the victims of the hacker attack.

  Anne Newberg, White House's Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber ​​and Emerging Technologies, said that the cyber departments of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security "will contact identified victims to provide assistance based on their assessment of national risks."

  In addition, US President Biden stated that he has instructed US intelligence agencies to investigate who was responsible for the attack.