• Terrorism: Alice Brignoli, "the mother of Isis" sentenced to 4 years

  • Germany, Abu Walaa, 'faceless preacher', leader of Isis, sentenced to 10 years


July 05, 2021It would have exalted the attacks of the collapse of the Twin Towers and the one in Charlie Hebdo He would have said of the Italians 'throat cuts are pigs'. He would "kill them all by cutting their throats, gouging out their eyes and making war". With these phrases he sought new followers of Isis in a dozen Italian prisons. For this reason, the Moroccan Raduan Lafsahi received a precautionary order in the prison of Paola, near Cosenza, as part of the investigations of prosecutors Alberto Nobili and Alessandro Gobbis.

According to the investigation by the Milanese anti-terrorism pool and the agents of the Central Investigative Unit of the Penitentiary Police, the Moroccan, 35, would have started his proselytizing activity for Isis already when he was detained in Como, hence the competence of the Milanese anti-terrorism in a first-stage investigation taken in Palermo between 2015 and 2017. And it would have carried it out, with violent behavior also against prison police officers as well as detainees, even when he was locked up, again for common crimes such as drug dealing and robberies, also in Pavia, Turin, Potenza, Agrigento, Palermo, Catania, Messina, Catanzaro.

In all these prisons the man "with intimidating attitudes" would have tried to persuade the other prisoners to radicalize, because, as explained by the investigators, his "faith in Islamic radicalism legitimized him, according to him, to behave in this way, as a violent fanatic ". Even addressing the prison police officers in prison, the man repeatedly said he was ready to "cut the throats of Italians".